Mike Daisey had exaggerated

The weekly public radio's "This American Life", said Friday that it was retracting a report critical of Apple's suppliers in China because the narrator, Mike Daisey, had exaggerated the details in the narrative.

The show's host, Ira Glass, said in a statement that Mr. Daisey "lied" to him and Brian Reed, a producer of the program, about the details of the injured workers had described Mr. Daisey Foxconn meeting, a factory in China where Apple products are made.

Actor George Clooney and his father, Nick Clooney were arrested

Actor George Clooney and his father, Nick Clooney were arrested Friday in front of the Sudanese Embassy in Washington. They were participating in a protest intended to draw attention to what Mr. Clooney and fellow activists within a growing humanitarian crisis and no need in Sudan.

Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir is blocking food aid to enter the Nuba Mountains in the border region of the country with southern Sudan, according to Clooney. The Sudanese government soldiers have clashed in the area with the rebels linked to Southern Sudan, creating a situation where civilians are desperate for food, while the missiles and bombs raining down on their land.

The ides of march

Yes, Caesar, you're going down in a second. And Brutus is being there. This film remains, of course, comes from the singular version of Caesar worst I've seen (although Charlton Heston as Antony is a close second ... in fact there is a good version), but fascinating, because Marlon Brando plays Antony and well, it's Brando for the love of God. I used to show this version when I taught the game, pausing at a rally in which one of the extras are caught in the toga of an extra and has to beat his way out. Yes, when you're teaching 30 students Cesar grade 10 six times a day, this is high comedy.

Anyway, it's the Ides of March, dear readers. Play it safe.

And while you are looking out for Brutus and his dagger and portentous omens and the boys running through the streets on fire (well, actually I think is the Republican primary), long jump at the Tour of the skin second blog (just click on the banner on the side of my blog) a new book by Judith Graves in Skinned Series is out and we all made ​​different accommodations and activities to celebrate! I get up, interviewing her at 3.20 and she was in my interview! So stop back then, too.

The crimes Blagojevich

Blagovich? Blagonavich?

"You mean you did not," said a local waiter sarcastically, referring to Blagojevich's refusal to admit accusations. "I do not know what he did. But he did not."

Some here will recall the main features of the crimes Blagojevich on Thursday to bring the Federal Correctional Institution Englewood neighborhood in this sprawling suburban Denver. Some know about the attempted sale of a U.S. Senate seat, others simply that he was a dishonest politician.

The meat and cabbage is an Irish-American tradition.

Surprisingly, the meat and cabbage is an Irish tradition. It is an Irish-American tradition. Pork and cabbage is more common in the Emerald Isles, but the Irish immigrants to the U.S. meat found more abundant in their ghettos lower Manhattan, where kosher butchers were mostly pork was forbidden.

Traditional St. Patrick's Day, when everyone is Irish - not used more often - and my guess is that people take it out of the wrapper and place in a bowl with carrots, potatoes, cabbage and maybe some onion, and feel they have fulfilled their obligation. But everything is soooo salty, the meat is tough and fatty acids, and vegetables and potatoes are soft.

Iditarod: Dog love, miracles, and, oh yes, the youngest winner

The Iditarod, the grueling, frozen, 975 kilometer run between Anchorage and Nome is the world of sled dogging first case is over. And 25 years old, Dallas Seavey has made history, becoming the youngest winner of the event's history.

"I feel a bit tired and very elated," he told a TV crew as he pulled Iditarod on Tuesday night after nine days, four hours and 29 minutes on the track. The route offers the equivalent of running from Portland to Los Angeles - with a few steep mountain trails, frozen lakes and eerie windswept plains thrown in.

Seavey, a fighter of light reaching the championship before running along the sled when going uphill, quickly embraced his dogs. They were wrapped in garlands and glory on the line, then moved quickly to dinner and a nap.

Five-year tight end John Carlson contract

Five-year tight end John Carlson contract agreement with the Minnesota Vikings leaves Seattle with three options the rest of the project was Mike Holmgren.

Red Bryant, Brandon Mebane and Ben Obomanu are the survivors.

The NFC North and NFC West beats on players entering the NFL draft decisions under Holmgren: Rob Sims and Lawrence Jackson, in Detroit, Mansfield Wrotto and Chris Spencer in Chicago, and now Carlson in Minnesota.

Seattle drafted all players when Tim Ruskell was the decision of the Seahawks staff as general manager. Carlson was the Holmgren was most responsible for drafting. He pushed hard for Carlson, because I really wanted a versatile tight end for his offense.

Carlson set a franchise single-season record with 55 catches as a rookie receiving in 2008. Injuries, QB issues, atrophy and rotating list of coaches affected Carlson and crime in the following seasons.

President Obama is choosing experience over youth in his NCAA bracket

President Obama is choosing experience over youth in his NCAA bracket, picking North Carolina to win the men's basketball tournament, a championship matchup with Kentucky.

"I'm just a fool for the Tar Heels, all I can say?" Obama told Andy Katz of ESPN during its special selection of traditional ESPN (see video below).

The sports network revealed the full tournament bracket Obama on "SportsCenter" on Wednesday morning, for a segment that has been called "Barack-ethology". Tuesday announced that Obama had chosen the State of Ohio and Missouri, along with North Carolina and Kentucky to the Final Four.

Jermaine Jones is apparently out on "American Idol"

Jermaine Jones is apparently out on "American Idol" after producers learned on Tuesday that the singer had hidden the fact that he had been arrested twice, reports TMZ.

The fact that one of the incidents involved violence was a problem for producers, according to TMZ. Jones said police also gave false names on both occasions he was arrested.

On Wednesday, the Smoking Gun reported that Jones is wanted in three separate counties for failure to appear in a variety of criminal charges. The site reports that he was arrested in 2006 during a drug raid, was cited for one count open container in 2008 and in 2009 gave the police a false name.

Sex Drive of Jessica Simpson

Weeks of giving birth, Jessica Simpson, has never felt more in touch with your body - or your sexuality.

Fashion Star The mentor huge belly, 31, opened about your current sex life with boyfriend Eric Johnson on Ryan Seacrest's radio show Tuesday.

Watch Jessica stroke

"I'm definitely" intimate feeling,'', "the sassy Texan said - and how!" I'm kind of unstoppable right now. The Big O's, like, the biggest of O never! "

Former NFL Pro Johnson, 32, is certainly game, he said. "He's always ready."

Pi Day is coming and it's time to stop flying the geek flag

Pi Day is coming and it's time to stop flying the geek flag.

If you do not spend much time in the nerd-o-sphere (pun fully intended), can not realize that March 14 (14.03) is one day at a loved one has mathematically.

I should not have to tell readers, but is a mathematical constant pi - the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. The actual proportion is quite close to pi to 12 places 22/7--though is 3.141592653589, 3.142857142857 not - and is very useful to calculate the area of ​​a circle and other activities that even the nerdiest of writers like me, try to avoid a daily basis.

The Encyclopedia Britannica will end the publication of their print and digital versions continue available online.

The Encyclopedia Britannica, which has been in continuous print since first published in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1768, said Tuesday it will end the publication of their print and digital versions continue available online.

The flagship, 32-volume print edition, available every two years, sold for $ 1400. It cost online subscription of about $ 70 per year and the company recently launched a set of applications ranging between $ 1.99 and $ 4.99 per month.

The company said it will continue to sell print editions until the current population of about 4000 games are over.

Bear Grylls has been dismissed

Bear Grylls, the British adventurer and star of survival "Man vs. Wild", has been dismissed by the U.S. cable television network Discovery Channel in a contract dispute.

Grylls, 37, who dropped into hostile areas to survive by eating insects, wading rapids and drinking his urine, has hosted the television series since 2006, becoming a worldwide celebrity.

However, Discovery Channel, said Tuesday that "due to ongoing contract dispute with Bear Grylls, Discovery has completed all current productions with him."

A spokesman said Grylls and Discovery had been unable to reach agreement on the new schedule and had parted ways.

JonBenet Ramsey will always be remembered

JonBenet Ramsey will always be remembered as the beauty queen in her hair heavy makeup, high heels tiny dress and puffy, but her father has different memories of those killed six years of age, sharing in a new interview, as well like hitting toddlers & Tiaras TLC hit show.

"I see, you know, in shorts and shirt and kind of scruffy hair and only a child," said John Ramsey Good Morning America on Tuesday, recalled the mischievous tomboy who liked to play hard and walk she's older brother, Burke.

Celebrities involved in the murder

Despite his late daughter so the child beauty pageant culture to the forefront of public consciousness after his death on December 26, 1996, Ramsey found that met the reality TV as young children Tiaras and disturbing.

Brandon Marshall moved to Chicago.

Brandon Marshall moved to Chicago.

Hours before free agency began on Tuesday, the Saints star receiver according to a five-year contract to stay in the Big Easy. A little later, he sent his top wide receiver from Miami, Marshall, the Bears' two draft picks.

Then, another recipient of the headlines in Washington, when Pierre Garcon joined the Redskins after the free agency frenzy began.

"This was important for me to be with this team in this situation," Colston said in a statement released by the Saints. "I was not looking to pursue free agency. Was more important to me to be back in our program, a program that we have been building and a program that we believe"

Vincent Jackson has signed a five-year, $ 55.55 million contract with Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Free agent wide receiver Vincent Jackson has signed a five-year, $ 55.55 million contract with Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
Jackson was one of the best receivers available in free agency after San Diego decided not to give the franchise tag. It did not take much time to connect with Tampa Bay and quarterback Josh Freeman, in whose honor Jackson got all those 5 years in business, Freeman, wears uniform No. 5.

The Bucs made a big splash desperate Tuesday, giving big dollars to former Chargers WR Vincent Jackson.